Program for FICS workshop on Cryptographic Protocols, August 2003, at Computer Science Department of Århus University, Denmark.

FICS: Foundations in Cryptography and Security, supported by the Danish Natural Sciences Research Council


All talks and defences took place in Aud. D4, Dept. of Computer Science, Ny Munkegade


Pictures of the audience: 1 2 3


Monday August 4
11:15-12 Jan Camenisch (IBM, Zürich): Practical Verifiable Encryption and Decryption of Discrete Logarithms
13:15-14 Rafail Ostrovsky (Telcordia): title TBA
14:15-15 Ronald Cramer (BRICS): title TBA

Tuesday August 5
10:15-11 Ran Canetti (IBM, New York): Relaxing Chosen Ciphertext Security of Encryption Schemes
11:15-12 Matt Franklin (UC Davis): Intrusion-resilient public key encryption
13:15-14 Yuval Ishai (Technion): Efficiently extending oblivious transfers
14:15-15 Louis Salvail(BRICS): Zero-Knowledge in the quantum world

Wednesday August 6
10:15-11 Moti Yung (Columbia): Who signed what?
11:15-12 Berry Schoenmakers (T.U. Eindhoven): Efficient Profile Matching (A Secure Two-Party Computation)
13:15-14 Don Beaver (Seagate): title TBA
14:15-15 Ivan Damgård (BRICS): Secret-Key Zero-Knowledge and Non-interactive Verifiable Exponentiation.

Thursday August 7
10:15-12 PhD Defense, Jesper Buus Nielsen
12:00-14 Reception
14:15-16 PhD Defense, Mads Jurik
16:00 Reception

Friday August 8
10:15-12 PhD Defense, Serge Fehr
13:15-15 PhD Defense, Maciej Koprowski
15:00-16 Reception